Project Coordination Application and Research Center

The Project Coordination Implementation and Research Center, which is a sub-office of the Projects Office Coordinator in 2008 within Trakya University External Relations Unit, has started its activities under the Rectorate in accordance with the letter dated 28 September 2012 and numbered 42375. The Regulation on Project Coordination Application and Research Center of Trakya University was published in the Official Gazette dated 14.12.2014 and numbered 29205. The duties and fields of activity of the unit formed as a result of the restructuring of the Rectorate are as follows:

To inform the lecturers of Trakya University about international and national financial support programs,
To announce project call for proposals and scientific support programs,
To coordinate the project proposals to be submitted to the call proposals on the behalf of the University, to determine which project proposals will be submitted on behalf of the University if necessary within the scope of the call (where the number of projects that can apply to a project call is restricted.
To provide the preparation of the official documents of the accepted projects of Trakya University,
To support the project executives during the execution of the accepted projects and to make official correspondence in and out of the institution,
It is determined that the projects prepared within the body of Trakya University are recorded through Project Information System and follow up their status.

In line with these tasks, the Project Coordination Implementation and Research Center, where the faculty members and staff are experts in their field, have been supported by international (mostly EU support programs) and national (TÜBİTAK, Trakya Development Agency etc.) financial support programs. provided support to project teams in preparation and execution.

In this context, we can summarize the concrete project data related to the studies carried out in this context.

In order to keep records of the projects that are applied and carried out on behalf of the University and to monitor their situation, The e-mail address and the information on the m Project Applications al button on the personnel web page are expected to be completed. Our project instructors are asked to record short information about their projects in this system and to update their projects in the system according to their progress.
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